Surgical skills workshop

Surgery@RNSH hosts the University of Sydney Surgical Skills Workshop (May 2019)

On the 18th May, members of the Department of Surgery@RNSH participated in the SURG5031 Surgical Skills Workshop. This workshop is a part of the postgraduate coursework subject Surgical Skills which forms part of the Masters of Surgery program at the University of Sydney

Associate Professor Margaret Schnitzler.

The event was hosted in the Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre, which is a dedicated procedural skills teaching facility for the Northern Clinical School based in the Kolling Institute for Medical Research. The senior faculty included: Dr John Vandervord (Plastics), Dr Justin Vass (Urology), Dr Kris Rasiah (Urology), Associate Professor Margaret Schnitzler and Dr Ada Ng (Colorectal Surgery), Dr Megan Hassall (Plastics Surgery), Dr Nazih Assad (Neurosurgery), Dr Shahir Kabir (Colorectal Surgery), Professor Tom Hugh (Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery), Dr Venu Chalasani (Urology), Dr Vic Puttasamy (Vascular Surgery) and Dr Henry Cheung (Colorectal Surgery, Concord).

Dr Justin Vass, Dr Roy Hopkins, Dr Anthony Glover and Professor Tom Hugh.

Dr Tom Palesy, Dr Venu Chalasani, Professor Tom Hugh, Dr Shahir Kabir, Dr Anthony Glover, Dr Henry Cheung, Dr Ada Ng and Associate Professor Margaret Schnitzler.

Masters of Surgery, Surgical Skills Workshop.

Special thanks to the members of the junior medical staff who attended Dr Henry Cheung, Dr James Doherty, Dr Ji Chen, Dr Julian Water, Dr Roy Hopkins, Dr Sepehr Lajevardi and Dr Tom Palesy.

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