SERT and the Sydney University Surgical Society announce the 2020 medical student mentoring program.

SERT in collaboration with the Sydney University Surgical Society (SUSS) is pleased to announce its 2020 medical student mentoring program. The program is part of our ongoing initiatives to cultivate student interest in surgery, introduce students to practising surgeons within the health district and foster a culture of collaboration and mentorship between students and surgeons.

As part of the program, small groups of 5-6 students from the Northern Clinical School will meet with surgeons of different specialities four times throughout the year for informal, mentee-directed discussions around surgical careers, research interests and advice. After these initial meetings, students may follow up individual mentors in their own time to continue these relationships. These four focused mentor meetings will supplement the SERT/SUSS careers night taking place earlier in the year, as part of an overall strategy to increase student exposure to a wider range of specialities in a controlled but informal manner. The mentoring program will commence in March 2020 and we will be surveying participants to evaluate the role of surgical mentorship in their choice of career. We are excited to see how this mentoring program helps inspire the next generation of surgeons! For more information about the program, contact Gareth Crouch, current president of the Sydney University Surgical Society.


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