RNSH SERT Institute Update

by Shelly Dhaliwal 

The last 6 months have been exciting for the Institute, with numerous milestones achieved:

  • The RNS SERT Institute webpage is up and running (www.rnssert.org) and provides an excellent portal for communicating our activities
  • The RNS SERT Institute Committee is working through an action plan in response to discussions and feedback from all surgical departments, including developing some key performance indicators

Some of our planned actions include:

  • Identifying and nominating an academic lead within each surgical department in consultation with the Head of that Department. We hope to drive surgical educational activities on the RNS campus through this identified lead and to provide them with the necessary support, including promoting them and their activities through our webpage
  • Expanding the Fellow positions to include research and teaching as an integrated part of the Fellowship
  • Supporting and strengthening surgical teaching in the newly revised University of Sydney MD program

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