Reshaping the critical role of surgeons in oncology research

In a recent paper published in Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology, an international team of prominent surgeons examined the barriers to conducting research faced by contemporary trainees and practising surgeons.

“Over the past decade … concerns have been raised about a global decline in the number of surgeons performing basic science research alongside clinical activity – so-called surgeon-scientists.  …  we offer some thoughts on potential strategies and future directions for surgical engagement in oncology research to increase the number of research-active surgeons.” (1)

(1) Jones, Robert P., Chandrakanth Are, Thomas J. Hugh, Dirk J. Grünhagen, Jianmin Xu, Charles M. Balch, and Graeme J. Poston. 2019. “Reshaping the Critical Role of Surgeons in Oncology Research.” Nature Reviews. Clinical Oncology, January.

[Image] Pixabay, Publicdomainpictures at. 2013. “Lab, Research, Chemistry, Test.” Pixabay. November 24, 2013.

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