Message from Professor Tom Hugh

Professor Hugh

This is our second newsletter and I am pleased to announce that full-time managers of the SERT Institute (Ms Shelly Dhaliwal) and the Data Analysis and Surgical Outcomes (DASO) Unit (Ms Maria Albania) have now been appointed. Both have started in their new roles and they are excited about the work ahead (see their profiles below). Also, we have now advertised the first of four new part-time academic surgeon positions. The title of the new appointment will be Co-Director of Surgery for the Sydney Medical Program at the Northern Clinical School. See page 2 for more details.

A few weeks ago we visited the Institute of Academic Surgery (IAS) at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. This is a new and innovative surgical research and education centre run by Michael Solomon and Paul Bannon. We sat in one of their fortnightly Executive meetings as observers and were then given a tour of the IAS facility. This includes a simulation theatre with robotic technology, a skills laboratory, and numerous tutorial and meeting rooms. The IAS is certainly changing the landscape of surgical training on their side of the bridge. It was inspiring to think what we might achieve here at RNSH!

We have put together two brief documents outlining the purpose, vision and mission of the SERT Institute and the DASO Unit. These will be distributed widely in the next few weeks with the aim of providing a deeper understanding of what we are trying to achieve in surgical acadaemia on the campus. I encourage you to be part of this initiative at RNSH.
There are many ways that busy clinical surgeons can get involved. I am hoping that the work of the SERT Institute will stimulate you to think about your own role as a surgeon in a major teaching hospital. I would welcome any comments or feedback.

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