Message From Professor Tom Hugh

Professor Hugh

Welcome to the third newsletter of the RNS SERT Institute. Congratulations to Dr Jonathon Parkinson, who was recently appointed into an academic position working at Northern and within the Institute. Jonathon brings great clinical, research and teaching experience; and will be an asset for surgical academia.

Two more academic surgical positions will be advertised in the coming weeks. We encourage all surgeons within the NSLHD to consider applying for these positions.

Shelly Dhaliwal, Maria Albania and I have been visiting surgical departments to provide an update on the activities of the RNS SERT Institute and the DASO unit. We have presented to nine surgical departments so far with several more to go. The main focus of our visit has been to make everyone aware that the Institute is now in consultation phase, where we need input and insights from surgeons to help develop our work-plan. In conjunction with the Division of Surgery, the DASO unit has created some simple application criteria for all departments and is now offering funds for data management support. 

I would like to remind all surgeons that the RNS SERT Institute is a joint venture and we need your involvement to optimise the resources available to us and to strengthen the presence of surgical academia on the campus.

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