Department of Urology

Departmental Profile

The Urology Department at RNSH is a high volume public hospital department providing a network and area-wide service. The department provides one of the widest ranges of clinical and speciality services of any Urology department in Australia with subspecialty services including Spinal/Neuro-Urology, Pelvic Floor, Functional and Reconstructive Urology, Uro- oncology, Complex Urinary Stone Disease and Andrology. The services are provided through in- patient care and a high volume public clinic service. The Urology department has an extensive involvement in clinical oncology trials and continues to build its research programme across a number of centres through the collaborative approach of its members.

Staff Members

Head of Department Dr Justin Vass
Surgical Academia Lead Dr Venu Chalasani and Dr Kris Rasiah
Director of Training Dr Michael Wines
Specialists Dr Venu Chalasani

Dr Amanda Chung (Locum VMO)

Dr Enzo Lazzaro

Dr Kris Rasiah

Dr Justin Vass

Dr Kenneth Vaux

Dr Michael Wines

Clinical Nurse Consultant Ms Nichole Rogers
Department Secretary Ms Christina Panopoulos

Research Themes

  1. Uro–oncology
  2. Spinal/Neuro-urology
  3. Functional urology

If you are interested in being involved in research activities with the Department of Urology, please contact our Urology Research Lead (Dr Kris Rasiah) or the Principal Investigator for the specific research project to discuss.

If you have a new research idea or collaboration proposal for the Department of Urology, please contact our Urology Research Lead (Dr Kris Rasiah) to discuss.

Key Achievements

Number of Publications 60 (up to 2018)
Research Projects (Current & Complete) 5
Awards/Fellowships Funded 5

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Contact Person

Dr Kris Rasiah, Surgical Academia Lead