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Research Guide – Giving Presentations and Lectures

It is a normal and expected skill for a surgeon or clinician to be able to give an extended presentation at a conference or seminar. While presenters usually take considerable care to prepare their talk, it is a common experience that many conference presentations are hard to understand and lack clarity. Thus, a talk that …

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Research Guide – Collaborating on Writing Manuscripts

Publishing a manuscript is a complex process needing a lot of work and much input from collaborators. If this not handled and organised well this hard but manageable task can become a quagmire of floundering conflict and confusion. To avoid this, there are important points to consider.

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Albrecht Dürer, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Research Guide – Choosing a research supervisor

By Dr Julian Quinn, The SERT Institute, RNSH. The project supervisor plays a central role in a successful project. This includes mentoring and guiding the student, teaching good research practice, making sure that the student makes proper progress, helping resolve issues and guiding the report writing. The supervisor also has to deal with official paperwork and …

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Research Guide – Framing a good research question.

by Dr Julian Quinn, The SERT Institute, RNSH. All projects have at their heart a Question that they are designed to answer. Asking the right question is, after all, the first step to solving a problem, but it goes further than that: a good research Question clarifies a project, and helps focus the thinking and …

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Research guide – Poster presentations

by Dr Julian Quinn, The SERT Institute, RNSH.  Posters are a very important form of presentation at conferences and nearly all researchers will present them at some time.  The following are important considerations for poster preparation and presenting.

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Designing research projects: how to avoid big problems.

by Dr Julian Quinn, The SERT Institute, RNSH Once an exciting new research project has been envisaged and sketched out, a pause for thought is needed. Before any work is undertaken, there are important queries that need to be addressed in order to avoid serious roadblocks to progress, to help ensure the project unfolds in …

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