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Opening of the Tom Reeve Academic Surgical Clinic

On the 18th of October, we will be celebrating the opening of the Tom Reeve Academic Surgical Clinic. Tom was the inaugural Professor of Surgery at RNSH. Under his leadership, Royal North Shore has grown into a centre of surgical, educational and research excellence.  The purpose of the clinic is to acknowledge and build upon …

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RNSH Hosts a two-day Surgical Skills workshop

In early October, the Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre at Royal North Shore Hospital hosted a two-day Surgical Skills (SURG5031) workshop for 18 students who travelled from as far as Far North Queensland and South Australia. Surgical Skills (SURG5031) is a University of Sydney post-graduate coursework subject offered by the Discipline of Surgery, with …

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RNSH hosts Urological Society (USANZ) training day

On Saturday the 12th of October, The Royal North Shore Hospital hosted a Urology training day for advanced trainees in Urology. The day, which is held every three years, is organised by the State Training Committee of the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand (USANZ). The program which included clinical presentations and written exams …

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NSLHD Launches the 2019-2024 Research Strategy

The plan, which covers the years 2019-2024, was the result of extensive consultation between experts from across the district. Research strategy and partnerships manager Rebeka Tennent helped drive the process, which was made a priority by Chief Executive Deb Willcox. For more information, visit

Dr Andrew Ellis – President of the Aust. Orthopaedic Assoc.

Dr Andrew Ellis, a senior orthopaedics surgeon at Royal North Shore Hospital, is the incoming president of the  Australian Orthopaedic Association (October 2019-2020). He has worked at the hospital as a specialist orthopaedic surgeon for 25 years. Andrew began his internship there 10 years prior, trained on the Sydney Northside Training Program and gained his …

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Journal Club – What can be done to improve the credibility of systematic reviews?

John Ioannidis, famous for his 2005 article “Why Most Published Research Findings Are False” (Ioannidis, 2005) has subsequently raised concerns about the overproduction of systematic reviews (Flemming et al., 2016). Many he argues are of poor quality with multiple reviews covering the same ground. Most importantly, it is often unclear how the authors decided which …

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