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International Clinical Trials Day

James Lind

International Clinical Trials Day (2019) will be celebrated in the front foyer of the Acute Services Building between 10 am and 2 pm. It will highlight the excellent clinical research conducted on the Royal North Shore Hospital Campus.

International clinical trials day is held each year on the 20th of May to celebrate the day in 1753 that James Lind commenced the first documented clinical trial. This study convincingly demonstrated that scurvy could be treated with citrus fruit [Lind, 1753]. Scurvy is a horrible disease, the mortality associated with this condition on long sea voyages during the “Age of Sail” was approximately 50% [Price 2017]. Lind’s study conclusively demonstrated the striking contrast between the severity of the disease and the simplicity of its cure. Without recognition of the importance of the scientific methodology behind the clinical trial, it took an additional forty years of experiments, analysis, and political lobbying for his result to become institutionalized in the Royal Navy [Cegłowski, 2010]. It was not until 1795 that the Royal Navy routinely administered citrus fruit to sailors  [Hemila, 2006]. Sadly, since antiquity, it has been documented that fresh fruit will prevent scurvy. In the absence of the evidence provided by the “scientific methodology”, these observations were forgotten or ignored by subsequent generations [Cegłowski, 2010]. Continue reading

Three day surgical course

The Surgical Skills Centre at RNSH is hosting a 3-day surgical skills course, which is a unit of study in many of the post-graduate Masters of Surgery courses available at the University of Sydney. This unit of study is coordinated by Dr Anthony Glover, the SERT Institutes Masters of Surgery Lead. The picture shows Professor Tom Hugh instructing the young surgical trainees.
Professor Tom Hugh instructing young surgical trainees.

RNSH Turns 130 years

Join the 130th birthday celebration of the Royal North Shore Hospital. This includes the publication of a specially commissioned book of photographs. The official release of this book will be held in the front foyer of the hospital on Monday the 23rd of October at 1130am.

The Westmead Tech Expo

Staff from the SERT Institute attended the University of Sydney’s Westmead Tech Expo this Tuesday. The “Westmead Tech Expo” event was a joint venture between Westmead Clinical School, The University of Sydney Westmead Initiative and Technology Partner, and the Children’s Hospital Westmead Clinical School. It included updates on mobile health, big data and pathogenomics, virtual reality in healthcare, virtual agents in healthcare and the new digital health CRC that is based at Sydney University. The Digital Health CRC is based at the University of Sydney. The update was given by Professor Tim Shaw, the inaugural Professor of eHealth at the University.

Wally Shi and Peter Moritz from The SERT Institutes, Data Analysis and Surgical Outcomes Units at the University os Sydneys Westmead Tech Expo on Tuesday.

Surgical Information Recruitment Night

The Northern Network will be hosting a surgical information recruitment night. It will be held on Wednesday the 4th of July from 6-8pm, in Room 5D/E, Level 5 (Yellow Lift) in the Acute Service Building at Royal North Shore Hospital.

Download the flyer here.

International Clinical Trials Day Showcase

The RNS SERT Institute is collaborating with the Kolling Institute of Medical Research to celebrate the International Clinical Trials Day at the RNS hospital. The event is highly supported by the NHMRC. The Day itself falls on 20 May but because it is a Sunday this year, we will be celebrating it on Friday 18 May.
The RNS hospital’s main entrance foyer will be the showcase area where clinical trial posters will be displayed to raise awareness on the significance of innovation and research in professional practice.
All surgical departments are strongly encouraged to show-case their clinical trials, and also other research projects, at the foyer. This will also be an opportunity for us all to come together, including our community members and visitors, and learn about the great work that we are doing here!
Please contact Linda Pallot, Clinical Trials Research Nurse, Vascular Surgery, , if you are
interested to showcase or will like to help organise this event.

Masters of Surgery – 17-19th November 2016

The Surgical Skills Module of the University of Sydney Masters of Surgery course was attended by 17 candidates. The cohort comprised future surgeons of varying experience – from medical students to surgical registrars. Over three days, the candidates were presented a number of lectures closely reflecting the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons nine core competencies. Candidates spent time undertaking supervised laboratory learning and practising essential basic surgical skills ranging from knot tying, skin lesion excision, suturing, use of energy devices, hand-sewn bowel anastomoses and laparoscopic skills. The course culminated in a practical assessment of these skills. Candidates were also required to complete a number of supplementary online modules and will also develop their own online video following the course which will be submitted for assessment.

Prof Tom Hugh with surgical residents at the Masters of Surgery Surgical Skills Course in November 2016.


  • Dr Anubhav Mittal (Director, Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre)
  • Prof. Tom Hugh (Chair of Surgery, Northern Clinical School)
  • Dr Yasser Salama (Consultant Colorectal Surgeon)
  • Dr Shahrir Kabir (Consultant Colorectal Surgeon)
  • Dr Chris Nahm (Surgical Fellow)


  • Assoc. Prof. Margaret Schnitzler (Associate Professor of Surgery)
  • Dr. Andrew Pearson (RNSH HPB Surgical Fellow)
  • Dr. Kai Brown (Surgical Registrar)
Dr Anubhav Mittal and Dr Shahrir Kabir demonstrating laparoscopic suturing to Masters of Surgery Candidates.
Masters of Surgery Course, Surgical Skills Centre, RNSH.

Bowel Anastomosis Course – October 2016

This course was attended by a number of surgical senior residents and surgical registrars. The session consisted of a brief morning of lectures explaining basic concepts behind enteric anastomosis and stapling devices. This was then followed by a number of practical wet specimen sessions where residents and registrars were able to practice end-to-end interrupted bowel anastomosis, side-to-side (functional end-to-end) doubled layered sutured anastomosis, side-to-side stapled anastomosis and also circular stapled anastomosis.


  • Dr Anubhav Mittal (Director- Sydney Surgical Skills and Simulation Centre)
  • Prof. Tom Hugh (Chair of Surgery, Northern Clinical School)
  • Dr Yasser Salama (Consultant Colorectal Surgeon)
  • Dr Andrew Pearson (RNSH HPB Fellow)
  • Dr Chris Nahm (RNSH Surgical Fellow)