Category: COVID-19

Personal Protective Equipment

The Clinical Excellence Commission has created COVID-19 specific resources for health professionals in a number of different settings. As the COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving, these resources for healthcare workers will be updated to meet changing needs [See LINK]. It is important to read the following documents released by the Clinical Excellence Commission on the …

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BOA – Management of patients with urgent orthopaedic conditions and trauma during the coronavirus pandemic

This is a link to information for British Orthopaedic Association members on the management of patients with urgent orthopaedic conditions and trauma during the coronavirus pandemic [See Link].

ACEM – Clinical Guidelines for the Management of COVID-19

The recommendations of the Australian College of emergency medicine with regard to the management of COVID-19 [See Link]. This document is being continually updated.

ACI – Telehealth: Getting Started Guide

This is the most recent information from ACI the with regard to the telehealth facilities that are available through New South Wales Health [See Link]. Of particular interest are the instructions on page 3 with regards to the use of Skype for business. If you do not have Skype for Business installed on your device …

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Keeping the Coronavirus from Infecting Health-Care Workers

Atul Gawande (1) compares the Draconian but effective containment measures which were adopted in China after the outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan with the equally effective but less-resourced approaches taken in Singapore and Hong Kong. This is a well written and timely analysis of the measures that need to be taken to protect healthcare workers …

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Dr Bernie Hudson on COVID-19

Dr Bernie Hudson provides an update on the simple measures that can be taken which are known to protect us from infections such as influenza and coronavirus. These simple measures will guarantee almost 100% protection from the virus [See Link].