Basic Laparoscopic Skills Course – May and October 2016

Due to popular demand, this course was run twice this year. Attendees ranged from interns to surgical registrars and the course featured a number of lectures on the laparoscopic stack, patient positioning, electrosurgical technology and lap safety, pneumoperitoneum and safe entry techniques. The practical component consisted of activities initially on dry specimens with exercises to promote safe entry into the abdomen, precise tissue handling, transfer of objects, and respect for tissue planes. This was followed by activities on wet specimens allowing the use of electrosurgical devices, promoting safe use of these instruments and an understanding of the importance of ergonomics in laparoscopic surgery.


  • Dr Anubhav Mittal (Director- Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre)
  • Dr Andrew Pearson (RNSH HPB Fellow)
  • Dr Hamish Urquhart (RNSH Colorectal Fellow)
  • Dr Kai Brown (RNSH Surgical Registrar)
  • Dr Chris Nahm (RNSH Surgical Fellow)
Basic Laparoscopic Skills Course, 2016.

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