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Research Guide – Collaborating on Writing Manuscripts

Publishing a manuscript is a complex process needing a lot of work and much input from collaborators. If this not handled and organised well this hard but manageable task can become a quagmire of floundering conflict and confusion. To avoid this, there are important points to consider.

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John Hunter Hospital Trauma Evening November 3rd 2020

The NSW Institute of Trauma and Injury Management (ITIM), in collaboration with the trauma service of John Hunter Hospital, proudly presents the John Hunter Trauma Evening. The Trauma Evening consists of presentations and discussions delivered by experienced trauma clinicians who endeavour to answer common trauma dilemmas, respond to the local challenges, and share their collective experiences. Participants …

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Preparation for SET workshop – RACS NSW

RACS NSW is proud to announce that it will be going ahead with its Preparation for SET workshop, to be held on Saturday 31 October 2020, 8:30am – 3:15pm in the RACS NSW office at Level 26, 201 Kent St, Sydney.

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The latest edition of NSLHD News…

The latest version of Northern Sydney Local Health District (NSLHD) news for the 23rd of October is now available online.

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Albrecht Dürer, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Research Guide – Choosing a research supervisor

By Dr Julian Quinn, The SERT Institute, RNSH. The project supervisor plays a central role in a successful project. This includes mentoring and guiding the student, teaching good research practice, making sure that the student makes proper progress, helping resolve issues and guiding the report writing. The supervisor also has to deal with official paperwork and …

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Embedding a data culture in surgical practice.

In a paper recently published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Surgery (1), Quilantang & Hugh describe the challenges involved in the establishment of a centralised and dedicated surgical unit at the Royal North Shore Hospital. The authors believe that the provision of “high-quality relevant and accessible data are the foundations of effective …

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