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RNSH SERT Institute Newsletter

Professor Tom Hugh

I welcome you to the 5th Newsletter of the Royal North Shore Hospital SERT Institute.

We have made significant progress in our endeavours to promote academic surgery on the campus. I encourage you to become a part of our vision and am interested to hear your thoughts on how we can continue to improve this service.


Kind Regards

Tom Hugh

Chair of Surgery, Sydney Medical School – Northern, The University of Sydney
Director of the RNSH SERT Institute.
Royal North Shore Hospital, St Leonards NSW, 2065
+61 2 9463 2899 (tel) | +61 2 9438 2278 (fax)

Professor Jason Sicklick will be speaking at Surgical Grand Rounds

Dr Jason Sicklick, general surgeon and surgical oncologist from University of California San Diego will be visiting  Royal North Shore Hospital on the 18th of February and speaking at Surgical Grand Rounds (5-6pm in the Kolling Auditorium).  Jason specialises in the treatment of gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST),  primary liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma, HCC)  and in the role of genomic medicine in the provision of personalised care for cancer patients. The topic of his talk is `It’s More than Personal: Putting the “I” in Precision Oncology’.

RNSH Hospital Welcomes the New Junior Medical Surgical Staff

Professors Hugh and Samra covering the RMO evening shift during the annual RMO handover party. The “Hello Goodbye Party” is a tradition at the RNS. At the end of each year, senior medical staff volunteer to provide cover on the wards to facilitate as many of the junior medical staff to attend the party.  This year doctors Tom Hugh, Jas Samra, Stephen Ruff and John Vandervord were the senior surgeons.

Medical Education Must Move From the Information Age to the Age of Artificial Intelligence

“Although the dictum “see one, do one, teach one” may have characterized the way physicians learned clinical skills in the past, it is now clear that, for training to be effective, learners at all levels must have the opportunity to compare their performance against a standard and to continue to practice until competence is achieved.” – Wartman et al, 2018.

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Ten simple rules for collaboratively writing a multi-authored paper

Twelve researchers provide ten tips for collaboratively writing a multi-authored paper (1). They provide a structured approach to building a successful collaborative team. Their advice ranges from an approach to team selection to the use of appropriate digital tools.

  1. Frassl, Marieke A. et al. “Ten Simple Rules for Collaboratively Writing a Multi-Authored Paper.” PLoS computational biology 14.11 (2018): e1006508. Web.

Surgical Training

The SERT Institute is dedicated to the mentoring and training the next generation of surgeons. An important part of this role is our participation in the University of Sydney postgraduate medical program. The courses lead to the post-graduate degree Masters of Surgery in a number of surgical sub-specialities. Dr Anthony Glover is the co-ordinator of this program at the SERT Institute. He is an endocrine surgeon, with an interest in the molecular biology of endocrine cancers. Anthony is involved in endocrine cancer research. He is a current NHMRC Neil Hamilton Fairley Early Career Fellow and Senior Research Officer with the Cancer Division of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research.

Three day surgical course

The Surgical Skills Centre at RNSH is hosting a 3-day surgical skills course, which is a unit of study in many of the post-graduate Masters of Surgery courses available at the University of Sydney. This unit of study is coordinated by Dr Anthony Glover, the SERT Institutes Masters of Surgery Lead. The picture shows Professor Tom Hugh instructing the young surgical trainees.
Professor Tom Hugh instructing young surgical trainees.

RNSH Turns 130 years

Join the 130th birthday celebration of the Royal North Shore Hospital. This includes the publication of a specially commissioned book of photographs. The official release of this book will be held in the front foyer of the hospital on Monday the 23rd of October at 1130am.

Postgraduate research and training update

by Dr Jonathon Parkinson, Lead Post-graduate Education and Research.

During the next few months, we will continue to audit postgraduate research and training at RNSH. Many surgeons have already participated in a survey conducted by the Discipline of Surgery at the University which looks at recent research activities including student supervision, grant success and publications. In addition to this, I have been meeting with the supervisors of training within the surgical units to discuss what the expectations for research placed upon trainees are and how the RNS SERT Institute might be able to further facilitate this occurring. We will also be holding an education/support day for all surgical registrars and fellows later this year, likely in November. Stay tuned for details!

The Westmead Tech Expo

Staff from the SERT Institute attended the University of Sydney’s Westmead Tech Expo this Tuesday. The “Westmead Tech Expo” event was a joint venture between Westmead Clinical School, The University of Sydney Westmead Initiative and Technology Partner, and the Children’s Hospital Westmead Clinical School. It included updates on mobile health, big data and pathogenomics, virtual reality in healthcare, virtual agents in healthcare and the new digital health CRC that is based at Sydney University. The Digital Health CRC is based at the University of Sydney. The update was given by Professor Tim Shaw, the inaugural Professor of eHealth at the University.

Wally Shi and Peter Moritz from The SERT Institutes, Data Analysis and Surgical Outcomes Units at the University os Sydneys Westmead Tech Expo on Tuesday.