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New Academic Surgeon position in Surgery at RNSH

An advertisement for an Academic Surgeon with a specific role as “Co-Director of Surgery for the Sydney Medical Program at the Northern Clinical School” (0.2 FTE) is now on e-recruit. This position is the first of several new part-time academic surgeon appointments to work in conjunction with the Professor of Surgery and the SERT Institute. …

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Manager, Data Analysis and Surgical Outcomes Unit (DASO) – Maria Albania

Maria Albania is a trained Biostatistician experienced in clinical data management. She is keen to ensure that clinicians have adequate data resources and that high-quality data is available in the public health sector. She has extensive experience in data management, statistics and health research including a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a Masters in Biostatistics. …

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Manager, SERT Institute – Shelly Dhaliwal

Shelly started her management career at a young age and was trained by the Australasian College of Health Service Management to take up leadership roles within the NSW Health. This included a Master’s degree scholarship in public health management. Shelly has since managed large portfolios both within and outside of NSW Health. She also had …

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Message from Professor Tom Hugh

This is our second newsletter and I am pleased to announce that full-time managers of the SERT Institute (Ms Shelly Dhaliwal) and the Data Analysis and Surgical Outcomes (DASO) Unit (Ms Maria Albania) have now been appointed. Both have started in their new roles and they are excited about the work ahead (see their profiles …

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Masters of Surgery – 17-19th November 2016

The Surgical Skills Module of the University of Sydney Masters of Surgery course was attended by 17 candidates. The cohort comprised future surgeons of varying experience – from medical students to surgical registrars. Over three days, the candidates were presented a number of lectures closely reflecting the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons nine core competencies. …

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Special thanks to Jenny Ludeman – Manager of the Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre

Indeed, a special mention goes to Jenny Ludeman, Manager of the Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre who has put in tireless hours of work behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of all the courses run this year. It is clear that none of these courses would even be a possibility without the …

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