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Background and Key Objectives


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The Royal North Shore (RNS) Surgical Education, Research and Training  (SERT) Institute is an integral part of the RNS hospital Division of Surgery and Anaesthesia. The main aim of the Institute is to reinvigorate and promote a “positive” surgical culture on the RNS campus and collectively work towards ‘Surgical Academia.’ Surgical Academia is the engagement of a surgeon beyond managing patients. It also includes teaching, education, research and mentoring activities. Furthermore, it involves surgeons taking leadership in the administration and decision-making of the hospital. The RNS SERT Institute will support all surgeons within the NSLHD but ideally will also provide new academic career opportunities for young surgeons who are yet to be appointed.


Ensuring high-quality patient care through cutting-edge education, research, training and mentoring.


  • To support surgeons in pursuing evidence-based surgical academia at the Royal North Shore Hospital and beyond
  • To promote the academic activities of all surgical departments at RNSH
  • To create new academic career opportunities for young surgeons
  • To provide a dedicated physical space for all surgeons to enhance collaboration and interaction on the Royal North Shore campus


  • Innovation
  • Invigoration
  • Inspiration

Key Objectives

  • To establish RNS hospital as the leading surgical academia institute in Australia
  • To offer a dedicated physical space and administrative infrastructure for clinical participation in surgical academia
  • To contribute towards the organisational activities on the RNS campus and beyond
  • To support and enhance surgical teaching in the Sydney Medical Program at RNS hospital
  • To strengthen the capacity of all RNS hospital surgical departments to undertake clinical and laboratory research, and accredited teaching activities
  • To collaborate with the Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre at RNS hospital to increase skills-based training for surgical professionals, especially in the areas of cadaver and simulation laboratories
  • To enhance internal and external collaborations to establish a unified strategy; including securing funding, donations, resources and opportunities; for strengthening surgical education, research and training on the RNS campus
  • To partner with the Data Analysis and Surgical Outcomes Unit to improve the quality and integrity of surgical data for clinical decision-making, education, research and training purposes