The RNSH SERT Institute

The Surgical Skills Centre, RNSH.

The Royal North Shore  Hospital (RNSH) Surgical, Education, Research and Training (SERT) Institute was established in 2017 as an academic department within the RNSH Division of Surgery and Anaesthesia.

The Institute’s vision is to build a bridge between academic learning and the professional practice of surgery. To achieve these goals, the SERT Institute works closely with the University of Sydney Northern Clinical School. Our vision is consistent with the NSW State Health Plan – Towards 2021.

Royal North Shore Hospital is a large tertiary referral hospital located on the lower north shore of Sydney, where it serves the Northern Sydney Local Health District. It provides statewide services for a number of important surgical specialities, which include burns and spinal surgery. It is the busiest trauma centre and in the metropolitan area, and its speciality surgical services make it one of the most capable in the state.

Reshaping the critical role of surgeons in oncology research

In a recent paper published in Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology, an international team of prominent surgeons examined the barriers to conducting research faced by contemporary trainees and practising surgeons. “Over the past decade … concerns have been raised about a global decline in the number of surgeons performing basic science research alongside clinical activity – so-called …

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RNSH SERT Institute Newsletter

MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR Professor Tom Hugh I welcome you to the 5th Newsletter of the Royal North Shore Hospital SERT Institute. We have made significant progress in our endeavours to promote academic surgery on the campus. I encourage you to become a part of our vision and am interested to hear your thoughts on how …

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